Day Five 1-11-15

We woke up to a little rain this morning. Nothing too heavy and it really didn’t stick around. there is a chance of rain for the rest of the week, but it didn’t affect our schedule. Today’s classroom session began with the test corrections from yesterday. Oh yeah, my name appeared on the board today, 100%! Bill’s did not so we I believe there is a tie at this time. More of the same today in class, rule study, 2 man mechanic study, and another test.

After lunch, we hit the field for the basic 4 and go/stop/call it. Starting to come together and our lines are staying fairly straight. Today at the fields, we worked on more pivot drills, drop stepping on steals of second, and pickoff foot work. We also worked on a mechanic that I have never heard of, and that was the post pitch steps. When inside with a runner of first only and when a pitch is caught by the catcher, they want you to take a couple of steps towards the mid point of the running lane to be ready for a possible back pick. That is a new one for me, so remembering to do it will take some practice. After that, we worked on first to third drills for the rest of the afternoon. That was fun and we got some good reps in at the plate and bases. The mechanics are pretty standard for this drill. In the next couple of days, we will be adding more runners on base and working on balls to the infield. It sounds like we may be adding in some cage work later on in the week. I think that students are getting excited about that as well. So far the drills are going well, but were starting to see some aches and pains because of the running. I think the medical coordinator will be busy this week!

Another interesting thing about working the inside of the diamond is the lack of using the terms A, B, and C, positioning. While I have used those terms for years, and so does most everyone else I know, pro school does not. This was the same at Harry’s and might be typical when working pro ball. Instead of A, they use the phrase, starting position with no runners on. For B and C you would either be in the 1B side of the working area, or the 3B side of the working area. I don’t know why that terminology is used over the other one.

Today was another long day and we have to run the gauntlet for the next 6 days. Its going to be a workout. Advil anyone?


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