Day Twenty Two 1-28-15

Back in the winners column with another 100% and a cool smiley face on my answer sheet. I think Bill and I have been trading the same dollar bill back and forth. I think we may only have one or two tests left and then the final exam on Saturday. A couple of things happened in class today. For starters, we are going to have a banquet Tuesday evening for all the students. And they told us there will be entertainment, and everyone was wondering what that meant. Well, it will be the students  entertaining the patrons. Yes, each crew has to come up with a 3-4 minute skit of some sort and entertain the crowd. I’m sure it will be 12 events of torture, and I have no idea what my crew will be doing. We have to let them know by Monday what we plan on doing. I’ll let you know. We also got to do something really cool, and that was write up an incident report for an ejection. All of the incident reports for MiLB are done electronically and submitted directly to the executive staff. Each morning the staff looks at those reports, and a data base is complied with the information. So we were able to log on and write a report just like the MiLB guys do. There is quite a lot of information you must put down as the reports are very detailed. They gave us some information about a game and we were to create an ejection scenario. They gave us the inning, score, teams, managers name, and the name of a player that was ejected. You enter the pertinent information, like score, inning, etc. Then in one of the boxes, you are to describe the ejection of the named player. You could make up any scenario you wanted, but you had to be accurate in your description and details. The wanted exact dialog, details, and no opinions. They reminded us that what an MiLB umpire writes, may become a legal document, and they wanted it written as professionally as possible. They told us words or phrases not to use and gave us examples of what was and what was not appropriate. They also instructed us to use exact language both from the ejected person, as well as from the umpire. They also had a box for your partner to write what they saw and heard. I described a situation on strike three that a batter objected to, used inappropriate language, and drew a line in the dirt. I had no idea what went into an MiLB ejection report, and these reports are not just for ejections, it could be for any incident you deem worthy of the leagues attention. We will be graded on these reports and should get them back in a couple of days. We finished up the lesson by studying protests and forfeits, and we should have a test tomorrow on it. Today’s test was on substitutions and doubleheaders. I either did really well or tanked. I’ll find out tomorrow.

On the field, we continued with situations, only today they added in managers coming out to question some calls. It added another dimension to the training and was a good lesson in game management. I had much better reps today both on the plate and bases. I felt more confident and moved more with a purpose. I felt a little off yesterday, buy I bounced back nicely today. I try to treat every rep like its just another game. I don’t try and think too much about every scenario and what to do, but rather just try and react, do what comes naturally from the training, and do my best. I felt like yesterday I was thinking too much, and that is to be expected from training sometimes. We have all been there and sometimes were so focused on doing the rep correctly in front of everybody, it often paralyzes us into slow reaction times and that deer in the headlight look. In the cages we worked on more of the same, but added in foul tip mechanics. No real POE’s to report from the cages, however it was another good day in there. Everyone definitely looks forward to their cage reps.

Today marks a milestone of sorts. We have exactly one week to go. In fact, this time next week I’ll be on a plane headed home. I confess, even though I’ve had a great experience, it will be good to be home. I miss my wife and kids a lot.  We are also closing in on our last moments here. Tonight was our last Wednesday dinner meal, and Tomorrow will be our last Thursday here, and so on. Only 5 more days of instruction to go. And while we have been here a long time, the end is quickly approaching.


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