Day Twenty Seven 2-2-15

We opened up in the classroom this morning and went over the final exam. I pulled out a 95%, but I am kicking myself because I missed a couple of easy ones that I shouldn’t have. Bill missed only two questions to my three, so I had to pay him a dollar. I’m still up two dollars overall, so I guess I came out slightly ahead. I finished the course with a 93% overall score for all the tests. Reasonably happy about that, and I probably shouldn’t complain as I didn’t study as hard as I should have. We hit the fields at 8:30am, and with the exception of an hour for lunch, that’s where we stayed until 6pm. Today the instructors were pretty much just evaluating us with minimal instruction, and they really said nothing at all to us the whole afternoon session. They set up some tables and just took notes on us. Each of us got a series of 4-5 reps both on the plate and bases, and I believe we did that 4 times each, so it was a lot of work. In between your reps, you were either fielding or running and that made for a long day. The mood of the students was more serious today, I think everyone knows it’s crunch time and there is not very much time to showcase your talents. I thought everyone on our field was very focused and we saw a lot good reps by most of the students. The instructors even commented at the end of the day that it looked like their decisions about who moves on is now more difficult. I had some good reps today and I was very pleased with my performance. I think it is finally settling in for me. Today was our last full day on the field, and tomorrow we are only spending the morning on field reps, and after that, it’s in the hands of the evaluation staff. It’s no secret that not all the students will move on, but I hope everyone gave it their all. Even though I won’t be moving on, I’m nervous about Wednesday’s announcements. I wonder what the day will be like. I’m sure there will be great joy for some and disappointment for others. I’m just anxious about how people will be taking the news. There are a lot of great guys here and of course you feel a connection with almost all of them.  I just wish there were jobs for all of them, but that is not the case, and life doesn’t always go the way you want. Some things are in your control, and others are not.

We’ll see what the next couple of days will bring. After our final field reps tomorrow, we will have the afternoon off and then the banquet in the evening.  On Wednesday, we’ll have our individual meetings to get our final evaluations, and then hop on a plane and head home. Tomorrow will be my last post here at school. I will write an epilogue when I return home and wrap it up with that. I should have those final thoughts finished by the weekend. Thanks again for following along.


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